The First Deposit Bonus can only be used when making your FIRST deposit ever.

* In case of unavailability – Four Lucky Diamonds





The Second Deposit Bonus can only be used when making your SECOND deposit ever.

* In case of unavailability – Mechanical Clover – Mechanical Clover


Spinia Wednesday's Slot Fiesta

Join Spinia's midweek party every Wednesday! Deposit at least €40/$45 and select a slot from our monthly updated list to receive your 50 free spins. The first 25 spins are yours instantly, with the next batch arriving 24 hours later. Celebrate every Wednesday with Spinia!





* In case of unavailability – Candy Monsta








€/$250 + 50 FREE SPINS

Why should I use my new casino bonuses on your platform? What games can I expect from

We are an online casino platform, which caters to each and every type of player. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or someone who spent half of their life, playing different card or table games. Put it this way: we have the best casino bonuses for everyone, no matter what is their own personal preference.

Everyone here at Spinia aspires to bring you the best online casino releases, complete with different bonuses, cash incentives or promotions. There is really a myriad of options, all available within one click or a simple tap of your finger. We are not shy to say it out loud: we definitely offer some of the best casino promotions in town. When you choose to play on, you know you are in the best company. We work with the best developer studios, shaping the industry today: NetEnt, iSoftBet or Endorphina, to take a couple of names.

We provide you with almost 2,000 online casino games, which only expand or grow on a daily basis. Do you usually play classic slot games? We have them all: one arm bandits, with fruit symbols and cutting edge video slots, which will leave you in awe. Have you seen those animations? If you are an old-school player, we recommend you try our card or table games. You can even opt to play with a live dealer, who will make the game more interactive. Make more out of your game, simply by applying those juicy casino promos.

But more on that subject, further down below. Just continue to read and we will guide you through some of the most sought after casino promotions online, available across our entire platform. Are you up for a round of baccarat, blackjack or poker? We have brought you some of the best live broadcast releases, which are powered by Evolution Gaming. Access a real-life casino, within the comfort of your own home. We also offer many variations of the same game, just to satisfy every taste or expectation.

Take roulette, for example. You will find its American, European and French variants, with or without add-ons or special features. We normally like to bring a touch of novelty or innovation, into everything we do. If you prefer to stick to the classics, that is your choice. We have left the originals on their own, for you to enjoy their unique charm and magic.

I have heard about the new casino welcome bonus from Can you tell me slightly more?

If you are after the best online casino promotions, you have come to the right place. Make Spinia your home: we are here to assist you and answer all of your questions. To make you sure you settle in, we brought you a little treat. Is it your first time on In that case, you are in luck: register today and you will qualify for our generous gambling welcome bonus. The promotion is open to any new players, who make a user account today. You just have to prove that you never placed a bet with Spinia before. Unfortunately, this is the one rule that we can bend or interpret in your favor.

Making a user account on our platform is fairly easy. Have you created a new profile on Social Media? Well, the entire process should not take more than five-ten minutes. Remember, you will also need to go through verification. This step might require you to supply a piece of ID: in most cases, your national ID card or passport should suffice. As a reliable, trustworthy platform we are committed to cutting under-age gambling. It is a relatively new measure, which has now become an industry standard.

Once you are done, you are ready to claim the best welcome bonus casino can offer! Users have called us different things: most of them are heartfelt compliments. “Generous” comes up across quite often. How much can you expect from Spinia? You can get up to 250 EUR (€) or USD ($) in total, split across your first two deposits. You will get 100% on your first deposit, which you place on our platform. The second deposit will come with another 50% of the entire amount, which you decide to place. Remember, you need to keep within certain limits.

There are certain caps when it comes to the maximum amount. If you want to get down to the exact detail, we suggest you consult the terms and conditions. But there is more to the best online casino welcome bonus, found on the entire world wide web today. We will top you up with 50 free spins, available on selected slot games.

We urge you: try your luck today and use these extra funds to explore the world of online casino games, available exclusively on!

Where can I find the online casino bonus codes for Is there a dedicated section?

You will find all of the online casino promo codes in one place. At Spinia, we like to keep things open and simple. We firmly believe that accessibility or ease of access is something, which makes the online casino a better place for all players.

But this is just our own conviction. We already mentioned that we do things a little differently to everyone else. For this reason, you will find all Spinia bonus codes gathered under one section. You will just need to scroll through the promotion page, which you can easily access through You will find different titles, which describe each promotion in detail. You should come across the individual promo code in the bullet-point description. It is usually marked or highlighted in a different color. Do you see it clearly now?
Are you looking for the best promo codes online casino can offer? You should keep in mind that not every promotion, available on requires a promo code. You will see that many offers are freely accessible to registered and verified users, who already possess an account on our platform. This is why we recommend that you log into your user account every now and then. This is the best way of staying on top of the best promotions, which we offer to our loyal players. Do you already receive our regular email updates?

Keep in touch and get the best casino promo codes straight into your inbox. You will see that many of our exclusive promo codes have fun names: “PINACOLADA”, “MOJITO” or “AFTERPARTY”. We like to give the online gambling community a little more, in exchange for their loyal custom or support. This is why we have introduced all of these promo schemes in the first place. It is our way of saying thank you to everyone, who contributed to our sustained growth, ever since we launched our premium online casino platform.

It is hard to believe that we have been around since 2018! In our time, we have seen the industry change at a very fast pace. The truth is that the online casino concept is attracting new followers, all over the world. The best casino bonuses have definitely helped us to “cement” our reputation on the market. They have brought in their share of new players, who are looking for exclusive offers. Keep your eyes open for the latest news: will surprise you each and every time.

What can I expect from in return for its best casino bonuses? What are their perks?

This is actually an important point. Even though it might seem a little obvious, at least at first glance. Not every new casino bonus online is the same.

Let’s put it this way: online casino bonuses have different functions. Some will simply grant you access to a game, which is exclusive to a narrow group of players. Other bonuses will give you a little extra on top of what you win. In some cases, you might even receive a small cash incentive, which is why some players have come to associate bonuses with online casino games for real money. What does it all boil down to? It really depends on the game, which you decide to play.

As we said in the previous section, we like to keep things open and transparent on You will see all of the Spinia casino bonus codes on the dedicated page, which addresses different promotions available on our platform. Most of the promo codes are tied to a particular offer. Take “Wednesday Free Spins” or “Reload Bonus”, as an example. Place a certain amount of money on your user account, on either Wednesday or Sunday. Remember to enter the code and you are automatically eligible for free spins on selected games.

What is more, you might be in for a cash reward, especially if you play with the “Reload Bonus”! Top up your user account on Sunday and you might end up with an additional 50%, as long as your deposit does not exceed 250 EUR (€) or USD ($). You see, many of our casino bonus codes combine different perks. We like to bring them together, just to create a surprise. Let’s be honest here: our players like a little excitement, from time to time. Why not spice things up? Keep an eye on, as we update our bonus codes on a regular basis.

One thing is certain: you would not want to miss out on some of the best casino bonuses, readily available on the market today.

What does have in store for its VIPs? Can you explain its best online casino promotions?

The truth is that we value each and every user, knowing that they are here for quality entertainment. Regardless of what their status is in real-life. Again, this is why our VIP loyalty program is a little different. We will now move on and explain how to make the best gambling bonus work for you!

As a registered player on, you automatically become entitled to join our VIP loyalty program. Yes, we have made it that simple! We understand that in most cases, joining the VIPs is a ritual, involving some highly elaborate rites of passage. This is why we decided to divide it into different levels. Anyone, regardless of their financial status, joins the VIP club as a “Rookie”. You can climb up and advance through different levels by playing on the platform. The more you play or wager, the faster you advance through the system. So far, so good?

With each level, you get an online casino bonus in cash. For starters, the reward comes down to just 5 EUR (€). This is when you make the transition from the “Rookie” to “Beginner”. But the prizes really go up in value, as you climb the ladder. You will see them grow, progressively with each level you advance: 5, 20, 60, 100, 500 EUR (€). When you reach the “Master” level, the cash rewards will start going into thousands of euros. What is the top prize? Become part of the “Elite” and lay your hands on a stunning figure of 50,000 EUR (€).

Apart from moving a little closer to the best casino bonus, available on our platform you will also accrue or collect VIP points. How? For every 20 EUR (€) or 24 USD ($) you spend or wager, you will be rewarded with one point. You will need these points, in order to advance levels. They are a sort of a “calculator”, which will give you an idea of how close you are to the next level. Does that make sense? What is more, once you become a “Gambler”, you will be able to trade your VIP for real cash money.

But for now, we recommend that you keep them close to you! If you spend them, you will not be able to move through levels as quickly. Let’s go back to the main prize for a moment: 50,000 EUR (€) is surely the best bonus casino online can offer to anyone! Why not join and radically increase your chances of getting the top reward today?

What kind of a casino bonus online can I get from’s “Daily Races”? And other challenges?

We can see that you already had a browse through our premium online casino platform! It is good that you asked the question. In this section, we will try to give you more information, as to why you should take part in Spinia’s challenges, tournaments or races.

They are definitely some of the top new online casino promotions, we can offer you right now. In most cases, they change very fast: we always strive to be up-to-date with your expectations, which is why we put different games on rotation. They are time-sensitive releases, meaning that you will see a spotlight on a different game each day, week or month. It really depends on the specific promotion. We like to give you that surprise, “wow” factor when you choose to play with!

Do you have your favorite promo casino online? You see, with you are unlikely to ever get bored. We already said that we like to shake things up a little. Make them slightly more competitive and messy. Do you have a penchant for competition? With Spinia’s “Daily Races”, you can challenge other players online. While at it, you will be eligible for real cash money rewards. If you are after real fame and glory, you can even put your name on the live scoreboard. It gets updated in real-life, every 30 seconds or so.

Many of the said challenges, tournaments and races involve playing online casino slot games. But there are also select opportunities for players, who prefer card or table games. You should log into your user account or check regularly for the latest updates. Maybe there is something for you and your friends? Compete for the best casino bonus together. At Spinia, we fully embrace camaraderie and the community spirit, which makes gambling into a quality social activity.

At this point, it is only right that we mention our “star” of the show: our seven-digit jackpot, which is available to all registered and verified players on The total value is on due course to reaching 4,000,000 EUR (€) fairly soon. Yes, that is correct: this is almost four million euros in cash. This is even more, especially if you work out the conversion into American dollars. Are you still looking for the best online casino bonus? No need to search any further.

Anything about’s terms and conditions? How do they affect its best casino bonuses?

As a premium online casino platform, we pride ourselves on giving you the best service available. We always make all the efforts to save you from disillusion: “Spinia” and “disappointment” are two words, which simply do not go together. We guarantee the best experience, which you might expect from an online provider.

All that being said, there is one important consideration: unfortunately, we do not make all of the rules. There are some measures, which we need to impose on our operations. As a fully regulated and licensed online casino operator, this is our role and duty. In most cases, they are steps, which are designed to ensure your safety and security online. Whenever we issue the next best online casino bonus, we need to comply with the existing legislation.

There is no other way to put it. Why do we even mention this? You should check our general terms and conditions, sometimes referred to as “T&C’s” before you start playing with real money. It could be that online gambling is not permitted in your country of residence. In some cases, there are also other restrictions, which prohibit our operations where you live. One thing we never compromise on is under-aged gambling. We put in special measures, which prevent anyone under 18 from accessing our online casino welcome bonuses.

If you have not attained legal age, you will not be able to access the online casino welcome bonus. Or any other part of our online casino platform. We have a blanket ban on anyone who is under-aged. Your account will be removed, with immediate effect and no recourse to appeal. We should mention that we take responsible gambling extremely seriously. This is why we have teamed up with some awe-inspiring grassroots initiatives, to change the public face of gambling.

Our partners, Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare and Gambling Therapy, all helped us to make the first steps in the right direction. Remember, apart from the general terms and conditions, each bonus might come with their own set rules. In most cases, they are a few bullet-points, which explain the “bare bones” of each and every one of the current casino promos.

Have a quick look now, in order to avoid disappointment!

What is there to show me that is a leading promo casino online? How can I trust it?

We completely comprehend your concerns and reservations. With so many incidents and instances of crime online, you have all the reasons to ask questions. We never shy away from tackling challenging topics, even if they touch the very core of what we do.

As we said earlier, we are a fully licensed and regulated operator. We are based in La Valletta, Malta. In 2018, we were granted an online casino license by one of the leading regulators in the European Union, the Malta Gambling Authority. The MGA, as it is known under its official acronym oversees many top online casino platforms, which actively shape the industry today. We are entirely compliant with the relevant national legislation, as well as EU guidelines that relate to online gambling. In other words, all of our casino promos are fully certified!

This underlines our commitment to fair, safe and secure gambling online. We always make sure that every set of new online casino promotions is in line with the rules, which address online gambling. As you might have gathered already, this is for your own sake. This way, you can have complete peace of mind, when you put in your bet with We made sure to eliminate or minimize all the risks, which might come from playing casino games online. What are the other measures, which we introduced recently?

We know that you might want to cash out the monetary prizes, which come from the best online casino promotions. Especially if they are real money rewards! This is why we took all the steps to ensure that all our ways of settling transactions are fully safe and secure. How? First of all, we equipped our online casino platform with a cutting-edge security protocol. This is to make sure that we are not vulnerable to hacker attacks or leaks, which might compromise your personal information. is already a certified merchant, which is entitled to process credit card transactions from VISA, MasterCard and Maestro. Now, we also added e-wallets to the mix. Have you ever tried paying with Paysafecard, Skrill or Neteller? This is a great, handy alternative to traditional banking methods. Separate your money or income streams for better safety and security online. In all fairness, you will probably find it easier to transfer that casino bonus online, if you resort to an e-wallet. Why not test it out today?

Where do I seek support, if I cannot activate the best casino promotions on

There is no reason to panic or feel desperate: with our award-winning customer service, you will not be left to your own devices. Just file in your enquiry. Our team will put all the effort to reach out to you straight away. After all, they operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are here at your disposal, no matter what is your problem. So, do you need some practical help with new online casino promotions?

We will provide you with all the explanations you need. We will walk you through the entire process, no matter how much time it takes. We firmly believe that best online casino promotions should come with premium service. All in all, you should expect the same level of quality across the board, on our online casino platform. This is our deep-felt conviction: you are here to enjoy the game. The role of Spinia is just to “facilitate” this process.

If you read the other sections, you might have gathered that most of our online promotions are activated automatically. In other words, our platform will “flag” up any offers, as soon as you enter or start playing. Easy. They will apply to your account, without you having to take any additional or extra steps. There is perhaps only one exception: games, which require online casino promo codes.

In this case, you might have to copy-paste or type in the code into the relevant open text field. Press “enter” and you are ready to go! Remember, you can find all the existing Spinia bonus codes on our website, listed on our promotions page. We are not the type of people who would hide things from you. Quite the opposite: the online casino is here for you. Not the other way round. Wherever and whenever you feel like playing. If you are still facing trouble, then just get in touch with our customer support team. A member of staff will help you right away.

You can contact customer service in one click. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page, until you reach the footer. You will see different different headings, marked in heavy grey letters in bold. The one that you are looking for is “Support”. Again, just click on the hyperlink, which will take you to the right place. Now, just summarize your problem by filling in the text box. We will see what is wrong with your casino promos, giving you an immediate solution.

Start your chat straight away!

I am playing overseas and I would like to adjust to my local settings. Is it possible? is a global online casino platform, which caters to players from all over the world. We have loyal users in all corners of the globe, on every continent. With no exceptions! So this is why we have decided to modify our functions to help you get the best service, available on the market today. Find your way in no time. Apply that juicy casino bonus online and start playing with no further delays.

Now, we will explain some of the steps we took, in order to make our online casino more “international”. We have always sought to be a user-oriented platform, which takes the side of the player. If English is not your mother tongue, you can easily switch between different languages. Just open the roll-up, roll-down menu on the right hand side. You will see a Union Jack flag, right at the very bottom. If you click on it, you will see the entire range of language options.

If you prefer, you can also access Spinia casino bonus codes in German or Russian, for example. By clicking on the Union Jack, you can also switch to your local version of What do we mean? If you come from either Canada or New Zealand, our dear player you might want to change your settings. We have adapted our online casino platform to your needs, following the local regulations. Put a spin on it and feel at home, right away.

What is more, we offer our best online casino bonuses in different currencies. Across the entire platform, you will see that different rewards are listed in either EUR (€) or USD ($). However, euros and American dollars are not the only currencies, accepted on If you head to general terms and conditions, you can see what you can use on the website, without having to exchange your funds. At the time of writing, we also allow Canadian or New Zealand dollars, Norwegian krone and zloty, the Polish national currency.

Unfortunately, there are certain limitations, which prohibit online gambling activities in some countries. This is why does not operate in each and every country. What is more, some of our services, including casino promotions online might be limited or unavailable due to copyright issues. What is your country of residence? Check the list of affected countries, states and territories, by taking a quick look at general terms and conditions.

We should also pass on this word of warning: using a VPN connection to “change” your country is strictly prohibited. Any attempts to circumvent these rules will result in immediate suspension. As a licensed and regulated online casino platform, we have to play by the rules. You might be barred from the platform, losing all the funds from the best online casino promotions. Take our word for it: it is simply not worth it. It does not pay off, not in the long run

Why should you consider, if you are searching for the best casino bonus online?

In these short ten points, we aimed to give you a comprehensive overview of all the bonuses, promotions and different offers, available on We went through the online casino welcome bonus package, different races, challenges or tournaments, as well as time-sensitive promotions, prepared especially for you. You also had a chance to learn about what you might expect when you enter one of our bonus codes. Did we manage to convince you to join our exclusive VIP loyalty program?

Remember, all you have to do is register on the platform and go through the verification process. Once you join the ranks of, you will automatically qualify for the very best online casino bonus, we can offer you today. Simply play and advance through the different levels, as you move closer to 50,000 EUR (€). If this is not enough to satisfy your appetite, then you can always chip into the jackpot pool. At the time of writing, the total jackpot is pushing 4,000,000 EUR (€). Do you know what you would do with the money?

Take your time, we will let you dream on. Things only get bigger with This is precisely why you should keep an eye on our platform, for the latest promotions. Log in periodically, just to see what you can expect from the new casino bonuses. Who knows, maybe it is your lucky day today? The best online casino promotions never stick out forever. Own your game and learn to take your chances now.


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