PowerUP Roulette

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Lightning Roulette

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Mega Roulette

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Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette game tileDouble Ball Roulette game tile


Auto-Roulette game tileAuto-Roulette game tile

XXXTreme Lightning Roulette

XXXTreme Lightning Roulette game tileXXXTreme Lightning Roulette game tile

Lobby Roulette

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Diamond Roulette

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Ruleta En Vivo

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Immersive Roulette

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Auto Mega Roulette

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Oracle 360 Roulette

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Suomalainen Ruletti

Suomalainen Ruletti game tileSuomalainen Ruletti game tile

Speed Roulette

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Turkce Rulet

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Auto-Roulette VIP

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Auto-Roulette 1

Auto-Roulette 1 game tileAuto-Roulette 1 game tile
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Speed Auto-Roulette 1

Speed Auto-Roulette 1 game tileSpeed Auto-Roulette 1 game tile

Speed Auto Roulette

Speed Auto Roulette game tileSpeed Auto Roulette game tile

American Roulette

American Roulette game tileAmerican Roulette game tile

Arabic Roulette

Arabic Roulette game tileArabic Roulette game tile

Auto-Roulette La Partage

Auto-Roulette La Partage game tileAuto-Roulette La Partage game tile

Roulette 1 - Azure

Roulette 1 - Azure game tileRoulette 1 - Azure game tile
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Roulette Ruby

Roulette Ruby game tileRoulette Ruby game tile
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What should I know about’s top casino roulette online? What makes it “special”?

What makes our online casino platform unique?

Are you looking to play your favorite online game, roulette? Then, you have “struck” gold: we are known for our extensive or vast catalog of online casino games, which stretch to include almost 2,000 award-winning releases! Welcome to Spinia, where total satisfaction is guaranteed. Right from your first spin. Are you specifically looking for roulette? We offer some of the best roulette online: you can choose between an algorithm-driven wheel or play with other players, in real-time.

Have you heard of live dealer roulette online? This is your chance to get to know the live casino options, available on our platform. Put in a “spin” on it: we have teamed up with some of the best providers of live casino games that operate in the industry today. Do you need some concrete names? Find your preferred provider or developer studio in a nick of time. Authentic Gaming, BetSoft Gaming, Evolution Gaming, and Pragmatic Play Live have all joined the ranks of, in order to give you the best experience on the market!

Sign up to and enjoy the biggest selection of roulette releases, available to players from around the world. We are an aspiring global platform, which focuses on one thing: providing a top-quality experience for everyone, who chooses to play online casino games. No matter if they just crossed our doorstep or spent half of their lives, playing casino games in “physical” establishments. What are we trying to say? We want to bring premium online roulette gambling to the widest group of players, without any exceptions.

Are you used to playing roulette in a “brick and mortar” casino? We highly recommend that you try out real live roulette with Spinia! You will be blown away by the quality of live broadcasts from some of the top venues, located in different places around the globe. The experience is really uncanny: watch the croupier, counting the casino chips. Pay attention to the wheel, as it spins in pursuit of your newly-found fortune. Is it your lucky day today?

Why would you recommend online roulette to a beginner like me? What are my options on

You do not need to be an old-school player, in order to enjoy live releases on Our platform has plenty of different roulette games, which will appeal to anyone who is interested in playing in an online casino!
The key is put on that first spin. You will get the “hang” of the game straight away. Why are we saying this? Well, casino roulette real money is not that complicated! You can select a particular number, range of numbers or a particular color, which you think will give you luck. Place your bet, by giving orders to the dealer. Are you ready? Now, watch the live roulette wheel: will the ball land in the right place? If it has “hit” the lucky slot, you will be granted a cash reward, which will be automatically transferred to your user account.

Relatively straightforward, right? This is precisely the beauty of roulette: the game is not long-winded and it does not come with dozens of different rules. You see your “outcome” straight away. When you play live roulette online, you call the bet. What do we mean? You decide on how much you want to put in. Do you want to play safe? Then, select a broad range of numbers. This way, you increase your probability of the ball landing in one of the “selected” slots. If you are a risky player, select one single number.

If you win, you will probably get a good return! Play roulette live casino and see that the game is not too different from what you might expect in real life. We really owe it to our trusted partners: Authentic Gaming, BetSoft Gaming, Evolution Gaming, and Pragmatic Play Live. Without them, we would not be able to give you the sheer variety of roulette games, which you can easily enjoy today. Are you a beginner, who wants to get their “feet” wet? Search no further: is a place, which will give you the widest range of options, available right now!

We walked you through the basics of the live online roulette casino. We explained why you should go for one of the premium options, available on our platform. Roulette is not at all complicated, which makes it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to “test” Spinia’s live casino! Are you building up your confidence? In other words, roulette is a perfect match for any beginner.

There are different variants of the game, but this really should not put you off playing roulette. Why? Hold on, we will get there in the section right below.

I am looking for French roulette online. Do you offer different “variants” on

Even in this day and age, live dealer roulette online casinos like to “honor” or pay a special tribute to roulette. What do we mean? Roulette is a game with a very long trajectory or historical tradition.

This partially explains why there are so many different local or regional “variants” of roulette, both in Europe and the Americas. Have you ever played roulette in Louisiana, for example? You will see that the game is actually much closer to our European roulette online. Roulette is a beautiful game, which carries the mark of history. This is something we respect: in putting our exclusive offer of online casino games, we have really tried to give you the broadest possible range of live releases.

Are you looking to play American roulette online? You can find it easily, just by loading our top catalog of roulette games. You will see it displayed prominently, among other popular releases on our exclusive platform. Most players, who login on automatically look for their “local” version of roulette. This is why you will not have to dig or dive in deep. You should get to your target quickly, without having to flick through different pages.

The truth is that roulette is a classic casino game, which has really stood the test of time. What are we trying to say? Most players are actually after the old-school roulette casino game, complete with a dealer, croupier and spinning wheels. When you choose to play on our online casino platform, you will see different rooms, which offer live games in real-time. Many of them will actually host the same good old game! If you are a registered and verified player, you can join any game you like.

Just remember to follow your gut feeling or instinct! Recently, Spinia has been voted in one of the “best live roulette casinos”. Many user forums give us a high score, especially when it comes to choice and accessibility. Regardless of what you are looking for, you will not be disappointed by our award-winning range of live roulette games. There is just so much to discover: have you tried our “double-ball” roulette yet? This is another premium release, available for all our valued users.

Taking a quick spin on your favorite game of roulette has never been easier! American, European or French, you “call” the shots. You tell us how it is done.

I am looking for the best online live roulette casino. Are there any “live” games on

Our online casino platform is frequently “touted” as one of the best live roulette sites, available on the internet today!

This is not necessarily any big piece of news. We have been offering live casino games from the top providers: Authentic Gaming, BetSoft Gaming, Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play Live for quite a while now! Are you new to the game? We have already explained why Spinia is the perfect place to start, especially if you are a beginner. In short, we have everything to get you started with excitement-filled live roulette games online!

One thing is true: we are not a specialist provider of online casino roulette live. Our platform also includes many other card or table games, as well as the latest slot releases. Most of our roulette games are provided through live broadcasts from our trusted partners. Some of these active partnerships go back to 2018, the moment when we first applied for an online casino gambling license. In other words, it is something that “touches” on our founding stone. In all honesty, we really could not imagine Spinia without a good game of roulette!

What we are trying to say is that it is an integral part of our identity. You could even say that roulette casino game is in our DNA: we always went to great lengths, in order to provide our loyal users with the hottest roulette releases of their day. We made sure that they are seamlessly integrated into our platform. Where does our passion for roulette come from? It is a classic game, which really brings the best of the online casino. Now, this is just our own conviction.

But you will see that it is shared by many professionals, active in the industry. This is just one of the reasons why we have seen our live online casino platform top the rankings of popularity, in different countries worldwide. Why not put a spin in a live roulette game now? With Spinia, you are only one click or finger tap away from letting the ball loose! See if you can change your luck or fortune, just with a single spin. Have you ever played against other users? This is definitely a premium feature, which is “special” to our live online casino.

Once you will try it once, you will be hooked! See what is all this buzz about: try some of the best online roulette games, hosted on our award-winning platform.

Why is the online casino live roulette supposedly different from everything else on

The answer to this question is actually quite simple: play casino roulette game to find out! You will just need to “dip” in your toes, in order to arrive at your own conclusion.

Get your hands on that welcome bonus starter pack. We really mean it, when we say that you are a step away from the best online casino roulette game! This is not a drill. Bank on the right set of numbers and you are literally on the way to building up your new fortune. How is roulette different from other games, offered on our live casino platform? The question is: why not baccarat, blackjack or poker?

Live roulette online real money option is a relatively fast way of landing a win, particularly in comparison to other classic table games. For starters, there are no complicated rules. All it takes is a simple spin, to see and know if you are really the winner! Play against other players, to add an element of challenge. If you really want to boost the excitement in the room, play as a high roller. With roulette, the decision on how much you want to put in is on you.

And only on you. Surprise everyone around you, by going all in. Are you feeling lucky today? This is exactly the sort of live casino spirit, which we are referring to! You will not see it in many other places, especially online. People nowadays like to keep to themselves: luckily, when you play real money roulette online, things change very quickly. Roulette attracts a particular audience, which thrives on excitement. The truth is that roulette is a unique game.

Especially if you choose to play for real money! You will not forget the special atmosphere of the best casino venues, exclusively brought to you by seamless live broadcasts. We have tried very hard to bring you a genuine casino experience, right to your doorstep.

Who are the providers behind live video roulette on Who developed the game?

We have already mentioned some of the big names, which put their weight behind our online casino platform. Were you actually paying attention?

We actively work with four providers, although we are always looking to expand our horizons, especially in bringing top-quality casino games. Authentic Gaming, BetSoft Gaming, Evolution Gaming, and Pragmatic Play Live are all engaged in broadcasting the best roulette from world-famous gambling venues, located around the world. Really, what else could you ask for, when you play roulette online? In the last few years, we have perfected the “art” of gambling: it has never been so enjoyable or profitable to play live casino games online.

Are you still sceptical? We are proud to say that we offer the best online roulette for real money, available on the market today. We should add that you do not need to create any extra accounts, in order to access any of the live games. What are we actually trying to say? It does not matter if you choose to live roulette from BetSoft or Pragmatic Play Live: you will be automatically redirected to the right place. Without having to login or logout! We have really put all the effort into bringing you the maximum comfort, you can expect from an online provider.

We have really listened to your feedback, in improving our live offer. Live roulette real money options are all about having fun, aside from making a little extra on the side! As an online casino operator, we fully recognize this fact: it is the “guiding” approach, which has helped us to build a steadily growing community of players worldwide. All four providers are reputable names, which are widely known in all corners of the globe.

All of our trusted partners understand that in this day and age, we all need to adjust to the global player. They have adapted their offer to your local preferences. Are you still in doubt? Why not put a spin on French roulette online or play its American “counterpart” live, together with other players from your country?

What are some of the cash incentives, if I choose to play real money roulette on

Right, prepare yourself for quite a ride.

Our online casino platform is literally bursting with different real money incentives. Many, if not most are an integral part of the promotional offers, which are currently available on When was the last time, when you logged into your user account? You will see that there is a whole bunch of new juicy “promos”, offered to every registered and verified player. Remember, you might need to jot down that promo code before it expires. Play roulette for real money and become automatically eligible for sizable cash rewards!

But first, let’s take things step by step. Are you a new player, who is visiting for the first time? Right now, we are offering a generous welcome bonus to every new player, who registers on our platform. The first condition is that you have never put on a bet with Spinia. You have never registered on our platform or gone through the verification process. Is that correct? In that case, we will automatically top up your first deposit by 100%, provided that you will not go over 100 EUR (€) or USD ($). You are free to use this “bonus” on internet roulette!

Things do not stop there. Quite the opposite! We are just getting started: put in up to 150 EUR (€) or USD ($), as your second deposit. You will get another 50% of the total value, courtesy of Spinia. This money will keep you going for quite some time, given that you do not blow it all in one go. One of the good things about online roulette real money options is that you are firmly in control: you decide on how much you want to bet on. There is no reason to continue, if you have run out of available funds.

If you play roulette online for real money, you should keep an eye on your VIP status. Do you know what it is? When you join our online casino platform, you will be automatically enrolled in our VIP loyalty program. We do not want to spoil the surprise, but you can win thousands of euros or American dollars, just by wagering real cash money. The more you play, the more you win. Right at the beginning, you will be attributed or given a particular status. In all likelihood, you will see that you are a “Rookie”. Climb up the ladder, building up your reputation.

Do not get discouraged! You will advance to other levels, claiming different prizes in the process. The first few cash rewards start at 5, 20, 50 and 100 EUR (€), but they grow all the way to 50,000 (€), which is even more in American dollars.

I am eligible to join’s VIP loyalty program, if I mainly play roulette for money?

Play real money roulette online and discover our premium feature, Spinia’s VIP loyalty program. Did you know that you automatically collect VIP points, when you wager with real money on our platform?

“Where do I join?”, we hear you ask. In the previous section, we explained that every registered and verified player qualifies to join Spinia’s VIP loyalty program. You will be enrolled in the program, as soon as you complete the verification process. Now, simply place your first deposit on your user account. Things could not be any easier! You basically do not have to lift a finger, in order to join Spinia’s VIP online loyalty scheme. This is the first myth, which we wanted to “debunk” or get out of your head. Regardless of whether you are a real live roulette type of player or joined Spinia for its range of card games, the VIP program is here for you!

If you scrolled through some of the other sections, you might have learned that there are different “statuses” across the entire scheme. When you join our exclusive VIP program, you start off as a “Rookie”. Let’s say it out loud: it is not meant to be an insult, to your skills or abilities. But we all have to begin somewhere. Prove yourself by placing on bets or wagering real money on live video roulette. For every 20 EUR (€) or 24 USD ($) you place, you will get one VIP point.

The principle is fairly simple: the more you play, the higher your VIP level. To advance from “Rookie” to a “Beginner”, you will just need 50 VIP points. You will get there no time! You probably will not even notice, as you play online roulette for real money. You do not necessarily need to be a pedigree high roller, in order to get your name across on our VIP hall of fame. Of course, if you want to play big, this is an entirely different question. We have 50,000 EUR (€) lined up and waiting for you, right at the top.

Are you ready to be our next “Elite” internet roulette player? This is what you get, when you reach the ultimate VIP status. You see, with each level, you will be given a cash prize or reward. The value changes progressively, getting higher with each and every level. So, right at the bottom, you might expect only a meagre 5 EUR (€) incentive. But relatively early on, things move to thousands: the top prizes are 50,000, 10,000 and 3,000 EUR (€), respectively. Do you know what you would do, with this kind of money?

At point, we should also mention that you will be able to trade in your VIP points. What do we mean? When you reach the “Gambler” status, you can actually get real cash money, in exchange for your hard-earned points. But we would rather keep them close: this way, you will advance through the different levels much faster!

What kind of welcome bonus can I expect from Does it apply to live roulette spins?

We already said that our welcome bonus is one the “stars” of the show. You can expect Spinia to give you a real boost, right from the start. Would you like us to go through the details?

Why did you come here in the first place? Our online casino platform offers some of the best roulette for real money. We thought we had to “live” up to our reputation: this is why we decided to give you a generous package, which will keep you going for a long time. Start playing roulette straight away! How? Just place that first deposit and we will give you a little extra, as a gift from everyone at This is just one of the few extra steps, which will ensure the best possible player experience online.

Play roulette live casino, knowing that you are in for a premium game! In this day and age, second best is simply not good enough. Why compromise on your experience, especially if you are betting with your own cash? We would never want to give you the impression that we are just taking money away from you. This is why we have pumped all the profits into improving the functionality of our online casino platform. We have also kept a small portion for the new members of our dear gambling community.

What are we trying to say? We have put some money aside as a welcome package. Are you here for the first time? No reason to be shy. If you have never registered on, you will be automatically eligible for a string of bonuses. They will make you feel right at home! We dropped a few hints already: they are made up of three separate elements, including two top up cash rewards from everyone, working at Spinia. Realistically, how much can you expect from our online casino platform? Can you spend it on online roulette real money options?

The additional funds will be directly applied on your first and second deposit. Are you looking to play real money roulette online? Use the bonus on any games, across our online casino platform. Maybe this is your chance to venture into an unexplored territory and play an entirely new game? There are just a few conditions, which you need to keep in mind. First of all, your first deposit should not exceed 100 EUR (€) or USD ($). In this case, we will give a 100% of what you put in!

The second deposit is capped at 150 EUR (€) or USD ($). This time around, you can expect 50% extra on your user account. As a sign of goodwill, we will also give 50 free spins on a selected range of slot game machines. See where they take you!

Is it possible to play live roulette games online for free? Is this an option on

This is probably one of the few questions, which has an outright “no” as an answer. No, unfortunately, you are not able to access roulette casino live without placing a bet or making a deposit first. You should know one thing: Spinia will never try to discriminate against you.

Of course, we have to abide by the rules. But we will never orchestrate an effort to prevent you from playing! When we started out, we had a clear objective: to make online casino games more accessible to players worldwide. All live card or table games are special in this respect. Unfortunately, when you choose a live casino release, you will just have to play online roulette for real money. There is no option to take a spin for free.

Remember, when you select online casino roulette live, you will be playing in a real venue through a live broadcast. There will be different people, who will be just as eager to take their turn. You will be assigned a dealer or croupier, who will first introduce you to the game. Things are entirely serious, especially when you decide to go live. This is the key difference: a live casino release is no simulation.

Regardless of whether you choose to play a real live roulette game from Authentic Gaming, BetSoft Gaming, Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play Live. All of our trusted suppliers operate on the same principle. You might want to go through their terms and conditions, in order to familiarize yourself with the small print. There are slight or subtle differences between how they manage their live broadcasts. This is something that applies on top of our own, internal code or terms and conditions.

If you are disappointed, you can always access free internet roulette through our virtual lobby. This form of gambling is not as interactive as many of our live releases. They will certainly never live up to the same thrill or set of emotions, which come through a live broadcast from one of leading casino venues. But you can still test your luck and see if roulette is really for you!

There is a lot of talk about being one of the best roulette sites. Can I really trust it?

We understand why you might be seeking a provider, who is really trustworthy. We are an online casino platform, which is fully licensed and regulated by the Maltese authorities. Would you like to find out more about our operations?

You already know that we have tried hard to “set” the industry standard, when it comes to accessibility. It is something that we genuinely believe in. There is another core value, which we have not mentioned by name. Transparency is paramount to any regulated casino, which operates within the framework of the law. This is something that we stuck with, ever since we obtained our online casino license, back in 2018. What are we actually trying to say? You can be sure that you are safe, when you play roulette for money with Spinia!

Do you still have your doubts? If you are unsure about Spinia’s credentials, you can always scroll down to the footer. Right at the bottom of our page, you will see a short disclaimer, which reveals our license number. You will see it was issued by the Malta Gambling Authority, our national regulator. You will also find the full name of the legal entity, responsible for our real money roulette operations. We are not just a ZIP code: we have a parent company, N1 Interactive Ltd, which is based in La Valletta, the capital of Malta.

Do you still hold any reservations against Spinia? You can always verify our license against the official records, published by the MGA. Check the number, which will appear on its register. We should mention that the Maltese national regulator is a global leader, when it comes to granting online casino licenses. Right now, Malta is a real hub for online roulette gambling. Why? It is home to many leading developer studios, platforms and providers, thanks to its unique business environment, which combines creativity and stability in one.

Did we say that our operations are fully compliant with national legislation and European Union guidelines on gambling? We like to keep our players safe, whatever they choose to play online. When you select live roulette real money options, you know that access to your account and funds is secure. As is your real-life and virtual identity! This is the sort of confidential information, which we would never disclose to anyone. Definitely not for a quick buck or some other form of financial profit.

I know that each live roulette online casino has its own rules. What should I know about

While there are few rules, where we accept no exceptions, Spinia’s terms and conditions are not particularly strict or stringent. Of course, there are a couple of basic facts, which you should keep in mind.

All that being said, they are nothing extraordinary! Certainly not something, which you might not expect in any other online casino platform. When we put our terms and conditions together, we tried to keep a healthy balance. On one hand, we wanted to give you the best access to online casino releases, based on live roulette spins. On the other hand, we had to respect the national legislation of different countries, in which we operate.

This is sometimes a real obstacle: unfortunately, gambling is not legal in all of the countries, around the world. There are certain states or territories, which ban online casino games all together. In other cases, they come under severe restrictions, which practically makes it impossible to broadcast a roulette casino game, for example. Then, there is the third category: some releases come with copyright issues, which affect select jurisdictions. If you ask Spinia, we will be quite frank and honest about it.

We would love to grant you access to all of the live roulette games online, no matter where you live. Regrettably, there might be a certain set of restrictions, linked to your country of residence! You can browse through the entire list of countries, which restrict Spinia’s releases online. Just head to our special page, devoted specifically to terms and conditions. You should see if you are able to play the best online roulette for real money, before making any actual commitments. We would hate to see you disappointed!

Last but not least, there is one specific rule, which comes with a zero tolerance policy. Can you guess what it is? You have to turn 18 or attain legal age in your country, before you can start playing on our award-winning platform. In an effort to promote responsible gambling, we have taken drastic steps to cut on any activities, which might be undertaken by minors. We have introduced a string of checks, all in order to ensure that only adults can play roulette online. Were you asked to upload a piece of ID, as part of your verification process?

We will also monitor the situation at random, to make sure that our online casino platform is free of illegal activities. Remember, if they are any suspicions, we reserve the right to suspend your account. But this is the most extreme step we can take: stick to the rules and you will be safe, playing online casino roulette live!

Is it possible to play in a roulette casino live, using my tablet? Is adapted to mobile?

Do you usually log into through your mobile device? There is no reason to worry: right now, we have adapted our online casino platform to almost every smartphone or tablet, sold on the market today.

Now, this is the thing: we did not want to divide desktop and mobile players into two distinct categories. In other words, we really wanted to avoid “favoritism”. At all costs. What do we actually mean? Your user experience should not be negatively affected by the technology you are relying on. Of course, there is no way we can make your mobile screen bigger, for example. But we did invest a lot of resources, in order to give you the best high quality definition. When you choose to play roulette casino live, you are not getting a worse deal!

There are obvious advantages, which come from playing on mobile. First of all, you can choose where you want to play. Sorry to be blunt: you are not “tied” to a physical location by a cable. As long as you have access to a good Wifi connection, you should be able to load live dealer roulette online, without any problems! Do you usually stream live broadcasts through your mobile data package? In this case, we usually recommend a 4G connection. This is the suggested minimum, which will save your from any unwarranted interruptions.

Do you usually play live dealer roulette online on your mobile device? You can sit back and relax. Enjoy your homely comforts, as you watch the spinning wheel. All you need to do is to find a nice spot, preferably with good internet reception. Not too long ago, we all marvelled at modern technologies. Many of them are basics or essentials, which we use for work today. Take the smartphone, for example. In many cases, they “double” up as prime sources of entertainment, especially after-hours.

We know that you are after quick, easy access to your favorite online casino roulette live. This is why we decided to bring the entire experience for mobile users. Why should you feel excluded? already sounds great. But where do I sign up for the best live roulette online?

Are you not part of the Spinia “family” yet? Join our online casino platform now, in order to enjoy some of the juicy rewards, which we mentioned in the earlier sections. You will not regret it: we have drawn up a whole list of incentives, available exclusively for new players.

We have already described some of them to you in detail! Take the welcome bonus package, for example. Did you know that you can spend some of it on online casino roulette live? We usually stay away from undue or unnecessary restrictions. We really believe in putting the player in control. You should be in the driver’s seat, especially when it comes to the game. The game, which you would like to play! This is our firm conviction. Browse through our award-winning catalog, which comprises almost 2,000 online casino releases.

The number of different games, which involve online casino live roulette is still growing! Almost on a daily basis. This is why you should take your chance and sign up to, our premium online casino platform. You will find the right hyperlink, as soon as you enter our homepage. Alternatively, you can click on any of the releases, which get your attention. Before you access the game, you will be asked for your login details. You will also get a link to register, if you are an entirely new player on our platform.

We made it really easy for you to register! You probably know that we wanted to give you an exclusive opportunity to play the best live roulette online. We really think that the online casino should be open to any passionate player, who shares our interest in roulette games. This is the principle, which we have followed ever since we “opened” for business in 2018. Over time, we have really succeeded in building an incredible online community, based in different parts of the world.

If you are new, join to enjoy some of our “hottest” cash incentives and promotions! This might be a good moment to show our appreciation or gratitude to our trusted partners: Authentic Gaming, BetSoft Gaming, Evolution Gaming, and Pragmatic Play Live, who broadcast some of the top live games, which you can enjoy on our platform. Have you made your choice? Remember, you play American roulette online, as well as other, European versions of the game. We said it already: it is entirely up to you!


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